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  • Intumescent Glazing Tape
  • Intumescent Glazing Tape
Intumescent Glazing Tape Intumescent Glazing Tape Intumescent Glazing Tape

Intumescent Glazing Tape

 RZ intumescent glazing tape(Liking Kerafix Flexpan 200)is a flexible, intumescent material on the basis of exfoliated graphite, unique aggregated material,heat insulation material and so on,it has excellent expansion and thermal properties. RZ intumescent glazing tape(Liking Kerafix Flexpan 200)is a reliable construction material for standard fire rated applications.RZ intumescent glazing tape(Liking Kerafix Flexpan 200)is made from a graphite based, intumescent paper with a self-adhesive coating and a removable backing paper.It can easily be adhered to most clean surface types including glass, metals and plastic laminates.

In case of fire, it can quickly expand to more than 30 times the original volume when it is hot and not fly away. It can completely fill the fire-resistant windows, all the gaps of fire doors, fire prevention, smoke prevention, antivirus, several times of ordinary fireproof seal products, and fireproof windows. The use of fire doors thus forms a strong protective barrier, instantly creating an independent safe space, providing sufficient rescue time of 90 minutes or more in the event of a fire, calmly facing danger and ensuring personal safety.

Classification E (normal flammability) according to DIN EN 13501-1

RZ Intumescent Glazing Tape Features:

Medium pressure generating product which reacts to give a fibrous, stable char.

Contains minimum combustible materials and this product has low smoke emission.

Cut edges do not need sealing against water or atmospheric conditions.
Simple to wrap, shape and cut. Speed and ease of installation.

• Forms stable char • Solid flexible roll material • activation temperature 180 with expansion 30 : 1 • Halogen free

RZ Intumescent Glazing Tape applications:

• Fire protection doors of steel or aluminium

• Special application areas of fire protection doors, e. g. lock case insulations and hinges

• Safety storage cabinets,control cabinets

• In drywall construction: inspection flaps, separating wall and floor constructions

•Double floors  •Door seals •Construction joints •Inspection doors

•Ceiling constructions •Pipe ducts •Fire rated glazing and any gap requiring a fire seal

Technical Data

Exfoliate graphite,with unique aggregate material,

heat insulation material etc.
Material Structure

Flexible roll

Start of reaction .C
From 180
Density G/CM3
Foaming Rate
15 or 30 times
Direction of action
Three dimensional
Foaming pressure(N/MM2)
Size MM
T:1.5-8MM; W:6-500MM;   L:Below 20000MM;
OR As customer’s request
Single sided adhesive

Single sided lamination with PVC foil in different colours